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Powering the Reversal of the Obesity Pandemic

Obesity PPM believes that obesity and its comorbidities should be treated in a chronic disease management model that is patient-centered, individualized, and multidisciplinary. While far from the current standard of care, we are driving the adoption of this treatment paradigm every day.

In today’s challenging and dynamic healthcare environment, organizations charged with improving clinical outcomes, lowering costs, and creating effective policies each face unique barriers. A lack of understanding of obesity’s scientific underpinnings, as well as weight bias, further cloud decision-making. Obesity PPM's transformative services help you overcome these obstacles.

Unlike many healthcare consultancies, we operationalize and administer the programs we collaboratively design. Delivered under your brand, Obesity PPM’s outsourced services transcend organizational boundaries and integrate disparate processes.

We drive improved outcomes, efficient processes, and profitable growth. We empower with knowledge. We help you transform lives.


Tools Links

  • Edmonton Obesity Staging System

    The Edmonton Obesity Staging System is a tool designed by Dr. Arya Sharma that enables clinicians to grade obesity based on simple criteria obtained from medical history, physical examination and standard diagnostic tests.

  • The 5As of Obesity Management

    The Canadian Obesity Network’s 5As of Obesity Management program was designed as a step-by-step framework for busy non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients.






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