Past Obesity PPM Events

Panelists and Moderator for NOON Briefing June 20th 2012Congressional & Media Obesity Briefing in partnership with NOON

On June 20th, 2012, Obesity PPM's CEO, Heather Flannery, moderated a panel discussion on obesity as part of a Congressional and Media Briefing coordinated by the Network to Overcome Obesity Now (NOON). Special thanks to the panelists who participated from Pennington Biomedical Research CenterUniversity of Maryland, and the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO). 

Panelists included Philip Brantley, PhD, from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Wanli W. Smith, MD., Ph.D from University of Maryland, Richard Atkinson editor of IASO's International Journal of Obesity (IJO). Panel discussion moderated by Obesity PPM's CEO, Heather Flannery, who also discussed her experience as a patient who benefited from bariatric surgery and other clinical interventions to reverse a number of diseases co-morbid to her obesity. Briefing co-sponsored by representatives Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA) and Loretta Sanchez (D-CA).



Incorporating & Optimizing Bariatric Medicine in a Bariatric Surgical Program

On June 30th, 2011, join Dr. Kevin Huffman for this discussion of six critical success factors to integrate high-quality bariatric medicine into your bariatric surgical practice or program, focusing on the clinical and economic rational and justification.  

Beginning with the rationale for comprehensive care, and moving through a clinical overview, financial attributes, referral relationships, staffing models, and success stories, you'll receive both an introduction and a road map for one of the most critical advancements in patient care happening in the industry. 

Facilitated by Obesity PPM's CEO, Heather Tollerson Flannery, the engaging dialog format of this live webinar will entertain while it educates.  The last 15 minutes of the session is reserved for live questions and answers with the audience.  Whether you've already integrated medically supervised weight management into your surgical program, or you're just now beginning the planning process, you'll find this event helpful.

Title: Incorporating & Optimizing Bariatric Medicine in a Bariatric Surgical Program

Date: Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Time: 12:00PM - 1:30PM Eastern Time

Improving Observational Research in Non-Academic Settings

Interested in having your data analyzed, and potentially published? Getting a better handle on your outcomes? Identifying opportunities to improve pathways and protocols? Please join us for this free, educational event on Thursday, April 7th, at 12:30PM Eastern Time. Led by Dr. Tom Moon, and facilitated by CEO Heather Flannery, this webinar provides six key strategies for improving observational research administration in non-academic settings.

Also learn how you can get more out of your participation in national research projects like BOLD (Bariatrics Outcomes Longitudinal Database), how to dramatically reduce the administrative burden associated with protocol adherence, and derive more benefit from your IRB.

Thomas Moon, Ph.D. has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical and academic research and development experience.  He has developed, re-engineered, managed, and mentored biostatistics, epidemiology, and clinical trial centers, and trained numerous physicians and public health professionals on methods and processes for efficient medical research study design, conduct, data management and analysis, study reporting, and information technology.  Dr. Moon has served on more than 250 domestic and international medical and public health studies (including population based observational studies, case series, and randomized clinical trials), directed both internal and contract CRO (Clinical Research Organization) project teams, served on scientific study sections for the NIH and CDC, and provided product evaluation for venture capital firms. Dr. Moon worked for four pharmaceutical companies on new drug development, provided contract services to evaluate drug safety for more than 30 pharmaceutical companies, served as professor of biostatistics, epidemiology, biomathematics, and public health at academic medical centers in Arizona and Texas, and worked at the NIH in child health and human development.

Skinny Thinking® Webinar: Clinical Introduction

Join guest speaker Laura Katleman-Prue of Skinny Thinking® on Tuesday, April 12th at 12:30PM Eastern Time for a clinically-focused introduction to a new set of online patient support resources for bariatric programs. This webinar will explore the challenges bariatric programs encounter providing cost-effective, scalable behavior health services.  

This webinar, facilitated by Obesity PPM's Heather Flannery, will also address how Skinny Thinking® students progress with healing, as well as innovative vehicles for expanding cost-effective patient support . 

Skinny Thinking grew out of Laura Katleman-Prue's desire to heal the eating, weight, and body image issues that plagued her for 35 years. Laura Katleman-Prue discovered that the root of her problem was the way she thought about food. In fact, changing her diet was irrelevant, if she didn't change her thinking habits.

By teaching herself to go on a "thought diet" and transform her relationship with food, she experienced permanent healing. This healing motivated her to write Skinny Thinking and to lead Skinny Thinking Workshops in order to help others heal their eating issues as well.

Laura Katleman-Prue attended Pomona College and pursued graduate studies in Marketing at Boston College. In 1980, she founded the Boston Brownie Company Inc. with retail and wholesale distribution in 2,000 stores in 14 states along the eastern seaboard.

In 1992, Laura Katleman-Prue completed coursework at Lesley University in Counseling Psychology. That same year, she received a Certification in Transpersonal Psychology from the Theravision Institute. A long-time meditator, Laura has been teaching meditation and self-inquiry for the past four years. She began teaching Skinny Thinking Workshops in 2009.

Gastric Band Summit 2011

Obesity PPM's CEO, Heather Tollerson Flannery, is returning for the second year as a speaker at the Gastric Band Summit on March 21st & 22nd, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida.  Part of the Executive Break Out Session, Heather is delivering two lectures, and participating in a panel discussion. The two lectures address:

  1. Obesity and the Affordable Care Act, and
  2. Maximizing Marketing ROI for Private-Pay Bariatric Surgical Patients.

For information on engaging Heather Tollerson Flannery as a speaker, call (877) 334-7970 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


In 2005, amidst a productive career as an entrepreneur, management consultant and technology strategist, Heather decided that a complete change of focus was necessary. She felt like she was succeeding in spite of herself, and something had to change -- perhaps everything. At that time, she was usually exhausted, wracked with several sources of chronic pain, struggled with severe depression, and constantly battled a seemingly uncontrollable appetite. Heather was over 330 pounds; and with a body mass index of 48, she was considered morbidly obese. Always data-driven and finally unwilling to continue to suffer, yet unclear what path to take, she hit the books and started asking for help. After substantial self-education and deep introspection, Heather chose to undergo a restrictive weight loss surgery (without malabsorptive characteristics) in January 2006. She then began a complete overhaul of every aspect of her lifestyle, and simultaneously launched her first venture in healthcare: a multi-state, multi-disciplinary care model for obesity treatment that included bariatric surgery, medical weight management, behavioral health, dietetics, sleep medicine, and exercise physiology.

During the intervening years, while working on a variety of projects focused on excellence in health administration in the obesity space, Heather's perspective on the problem of obesity gradually broadened and deepened. She was informed by direct experience with thousands of obese patients struggling with many of the same challenges that had plagued her. While achieving and maintaining an almost 170 pound weight loss, Heather began to recognize patterns and priorities. With this new found clarity, Heather created the Twelve Pillars® model and the concepts behind Obesity PPM. Continuing awareness of the interconnected factors in her own life took Heather on a health transformation journey that is visible in her “Before and After” pictures. She hopes that, by candidly sharing her story, she can provide inspiration to the millions of obese people who strive endlessly, but have not yet been able to release their own heavy burdens for a multitude of reasons.

Now, with a Body Mass Index of 24, and a vitality she absolutely never takes for granted, Heather spends her considerable energy leading and developing Obesity PPM -- a venture born not only of her intellect, but of her direct experience. Heather is also a passionate, engaging public speaker on many topics related to obesity, and an executive coach focused on weight loss and wellness. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, and Daphne and Murphy, their dog and cat.